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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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october 8. >> here's a look at some of the stories we're following on "action news." a look at how the now tropical depression nate might impact our
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weather after hitting the gulf coast. a week after the mass shooting in las vegas that killed 58 people the latest on the investigation into why the gunman opened fire. the eagles game day, hear what quarterback carson wentz says about the team this year compared to last year. >> more on those stories, outside we go to chris sowers we see the precipitation, hopefully it won't be a washout. >> reporter: the roads are wet, sidewalks are damp. you have to take it easy out here. trafficker showing a little bit of light shower activity associated with a cold front that's in the process of pushing through. that frontal system will not be cooling things down it's washing itself out. it's allowing the moisture from what was once hurricane nate to ride north along the appalachians later this afternoon. that moisture gets in here tomorrow. i'll talk about that in a minute. lots of cloud cover across the region today.
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again you can see the green and the showers extending through haggerstown and washington, d.c. it will be warm and sticky, 77 degrees in philadelphia. 08 for millville and cape may. allentown, 79. lancaster, 78, the poconos 71. on top of the warm temperatures it's extremely humid. the remnant of nate you can see it spinning across alabama and georgia. it is transforming itself into a rainstorm at this point. that moisture will be pulling north into our neck of the woods as we get into tomorrow afternoon him i'll be back along in just a few minutes. i'll let you know how long the rain lasts and how heavy it will be in your neighborhood and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> nate is third hurricane to hit the u.s. mainland in six weeks. it left a trail of destruction
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in central america killing 20 people. >> nate made landfall last night not once, but twice as a category one hurricane. it was downgraded to a tropical depression, but not before it left its mark along the gulf coast. it knocked out the power for 100,000 people in mississippi and alabama. theeports of deaths or injuries on the mainland. abc's maggie ruly reports from mobile alabama. >> reporter: we've been hit with heavy rain and storm surge in alabama overnight, but now it seems like the worst of the storm is over. >> nate coming ashore twice first in southeastern louisiana and again on the mississippi gulf coast. the storm system lashing coastal areas with winds packing over 80 miles per hour. whoa! >> reporter: from the gulf coast to northern regions of mississippi and alabama, residents bracing
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for the worst. a storm surge hitting low-lying coastal regions. heavy rains. >> watching this storm coming in here in biloxi, you can see the raging water, the raging gulf of mexico is coming in, piling up the water. >> reporter: causing massive flooding across the gulf coast. this family stranded in biloxi had to be rescued. now, residents are waiting for it all to be over. >> we have our water and gas and generators are working. ♪ >> reporter: this couple after planning their wedding day for 20 months gets married in mobile. >> we had pants rolled up, i was holding my dress and we were dancing. >> reporter: one of the big concerns during nate was storm surge. it caused many of the streets in mobile to flood. it seems like the rain has stopped and the storm is moving on. maggie ruly, abc news, mobile
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alabama. >> now, this reminders you can keep an eye on the path of nate as it possibly brings wet weather to the area. go to for the updates. use storm tracker 6 live and the seven-day forecast. >> while residents in the south are dealing with the flooding and damage from now tropical depression nate, puerto rico is a disaster area following hurricane maria. that storm killed 34 people in the u.s. territory and 88% of the island does not have power. bob brooks in south jersey where donations are pouring in to help those in need in puerto rico. bob. >> reporter: nydia and gray, absolutely, we're in camden river avenue and 29th streets. if you want to come down here to make an donation. for people out and about in camden there are donations being collected. it's not just about collecting donations, they have a stage set
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up. they have a food tent to feed people, come down and enjoy. also let's raise donations. >> get this thermometer up to the top. that's the goal today in camden today. the relief efforts for puerto rico continue. donations of money, food and water is still badly needed there. >> 10% of the island has power. i believe that only 30% of the police department have reported to work. >> reporter: that's frank morran, the mayor elect of camden he is helping to spearhead the effort. >> our goal is $100,000 a lot of corporate will be with us. this money will go 100% to the first lady of puerto rico'sfoun. 100% of the money is going all 78owns. >> reporter: here's what's riff avenue.2389th -- all volunteers are out
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collecting cash. it's not just about checking donations, but fun, come out and enjoy. it's only been a few weeks since the storm hit him help is needed. >> support, help puerto rico. >> the conditions are bad. no electricity, drinking water. things we take for granted everyday if you go to on the lights no refrigeration, cold foods, frozen foods, nothing. >> reporter: one of the tents they are collecting things like toiletries, and things, come down and get something to eat and help out a great cause. reporting in camden, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> great to see the local
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community helping out. thank you so much. we continue to follow the on going investigation in las vegas one week after the shooting massacre at a jason aldean concert. investigators are looking for clues how the gunman spent the day leading up to the horrible shooting. they are scouring his hotel room for any evidence. among the items found inside the room is a note that police believe contained series of numbers that helped pad disok -- paddock calculate more price shots. a special mass was held in center city in honor of the las vegas shooting victim. that mass and rosary pair at the basilica of saints peter and paul is held every saturday, but last night had a special focus on the victims of the massacre. 58 candle were in the front of the church one tore each victim who died.
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>> a fire destroyed a townhouse in winslow township, new jersey overnight. flames erupted at the town home on the unit block of medford court in sicklierville. two adults and three children escaped without injury. the red cross was called in to assist the 23578. family. fire walls prevented flames from spreading. a duplex on wingate street went up in flames. both sides of the buildings are considered a total loss. heat and fire from the blaze impacted a neighbor's house, no injuries were reported. >> the eagles are less than an hour away from kickoff as they take on the arizona cardinals at the linc this afternoon. big game day, the team is 3-1 same as this time last year, jamie apody has more on the similar start to the season.
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hi, jamie. >> reporter: i will tell you it's a bad hair day at the linc. the rain is starting to pick up, it was kind of staining my shirt which is why i brought the umbrella out. eagles and cardinals, they have quarterbacks, but trust -- carsons, carson wentz warm be up a short time ago, he is wants to approve he is the better carson in the matchup between carson palmer and carson wentz today. as you said the birds were at the same record last year, 3-1 and things turned terrible wrong. wayne johnson was suspended that snowballed this year, this is not the case, they feel different with more confidence. they said there's no reason to think last year will happen again. >> without a doubt we're in a
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different place. we're a different team. at the same time we have to work an prepare every week. i think just showing like you mentioned we can win on the road and close ballgames and pull these out, i know the character and makeup of this team we're in a different place. i'm very confident what we can do. >> we had a good start and good finish last season. the middle of the road was not very good for us. as we said before we lost a lot of close games, and i think the emphasis is just to make sure we're getting better and realize what we need to improve upon in order to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: now there's no wendell small wood. expect to see corey clement, the glassboro, new jersey native. in this weather, we'll see what the eagles decided to, because
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the cardinals have a good topper in the nfl. carson palmer has been sacked 17 times. eagles defensive line is seeing red today. jamie apody we'll see you tonight on "action news" and sports sunday. >> our carson is better. >> i agree. next a south jersey school that closed last week over air quality concerns could reopen in a few days. >> meteorologist chris sowers returns with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and much more when "action news" continues. glad glad from -- so glad
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you stayed with us, from our new
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jersey newsroom, pinelands regional school district canceled classes at the school because of air quality concerns. school officials say they anticipate the school will reopen on tuesday. students were scheduled to be off tomorrow in observation of the columbus day holiday. >> time for accuweather, you were saying it is pretty miserable outside. ls so lousy out there. the humidity is so high feels like the middle of august again. >> who can we blame for this. >> reporter: don't blame me. let's go on sky6 live hd, overlooking the commodore barry bridge. skies of gray, we have rain falling from the clouds, as well. otherwise it's screamly humid out there. as we look at storm tracker 6 live behind me here, this is satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see the moisture streaming in from the southwest along the mason dixon line.
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we'll make couple of zooms on storm tracker 6 live. not all this is that heavy. every now and then you pick up something that's a little steadier than what we consider light. you can see the moisture along the western portions of maryland, along the mason dixon line. and philadelphia light rain and he medford lakes area. we'll have light stuff. it's not enough to cancel plans. 79 in allentown. philadelphia 78. this is a bigger story with how humid it is and how warm the temperatures are. millville, 80. dover, 81 degrees. very humid. how humid you ask. take a look at the dewpoint temperatures they are in the mid 70s. as we expand the view. 50 is comfortable. 60 humid, 7 -- press -- pressive.
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all the tropical air from nate is being pulled to the north. you can see that on satellite and radar. there's nate it is nothing more than a tropical depression pushing over alabama and georgia up the spine of the appalachians, all this will pull north in the next 12 to 24 hours. as it does so it pushes the tropical air as well. future tracker 6, cloudy skies, warm and sticky out there. a couple of leftover showers through 1:30 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. most of the moisture will work out to sea. 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., we're talking about cloudy conditions and warm and sticky. down right uncomfortable. same thing overnight tonight, cloudy skies and warm and humid. tomorrow we see the remnant rains from nate push in, especially across the western suburbs. this is where the heaviest rain is expected, west of philadelphia, wilmington and trenton west of the i-95
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corridor. late afternoon we're looking at leftover showers and quit hitting downpour late in the gay. the overall idea for tomorrow, cloudy skies, periods of rain, one to two inches for philadelphia. points north and west. today, lots of clouds, warm and sticky, leftover showers, reading, 80. philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, 80 degrees, millville, 82. dover, 82 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast fall arrives for one day over the next week that will be on thursday, so 80 today. monday rain at times, 79. back up to 84. huge spike in terms by tuesday. wednesday -- temperatures by tuesday. wednesday a shower threat late 74. there's your fall day, thursday. we're back up 75 on friday, saturday, 80 degrees. >> philly pops recreate the star wars sound track that's ahead in 6abc loves the arts.
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>> philly pops are kicking off a new season with a tribute to star wars a franchise in the hands of our parent company disney. karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it was 40 years ago that director george lucas released star wars and the philly pops are recreating the classic sound track live in
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concert with a full symphony orchestra. it's dubbed a star wars celebration that will feature music from academy award winning composer john williams. >> people will recognize all the music. it's an inter galactic journey through the star wars sound tracker. >> it includes the imperial march. >> reporter: music director swears audiences will feel like they are seeing the actual movie live on stage. >> we expect darth vader to show up. we'll have storm troopers out there and other characters. >> reporter: the pops will be joined on stage by the 180 voice festival chorus, but the experience starts before you walk into the concert hall. >> kids and family members can get their pictures taken their favorite star wars
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characters. >> reporter: the second half of the program will pay tribute to lucas' good friend stephen spielburg. >> we'll be playing the theme from jaws and raiders of the lost ark. >> philly pops performs the star wars celebration october 20th through the 22nd. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> happening today, the am columbus day parade is making its way down south philadelphia. that parade begins at broad and moore street and proceeds south on broad to marconi plaza. the party continues with a festival. our own have alicia vitarelli ss as emcee. our coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. him we're coming right back. >> all right a check of
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accuweather chris. >> reporter: cloudy and damp this afternoon. very sticky with high temperatures around 79 or 80 degrees. the normal is 70. 79 tomorrow. the remnant rains of nate pull in here. some of it heavy at times, a good one to two inches expected west of center city. 84 tuesday, cooler weather returns on thursday, but it only lasts for one day. >> still a good day for the parade, though. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you chris, what is more philly than cheese steaks and tastykakes and jim gardner. now the city of brotherly love
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favorite slang is getting a little love from the dictionary. they explained john can refer to a group of things or person. get ready for this, chris sowers, nydia han. john is not from philadelphia. we apparently modified the universal road joint. when you see a nice car that joint was nice. >> or amazing john. >> reporter: works for me. >> the columbus day parade is next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues tonight at 5:00 p.m. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire texas "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday!
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welcome to 6abc coverage of the 2017 philadelphia columbus day parade. now, live from marconi plaza in south philadelphia. here are the parade hosts, allisha lewis, michael dipilla and pete chiarocci. and franco riveri from pats king of steaks. >> reporter: thank you for having me. this is a wonderful day. hopefully the rain will keep up. >> the sun peeks out every year. >> it's like all the


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